AIR PLANTS AND BUG MUNCHERS. OMG, Y'ALL! - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)

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AIR PLANTS AND BUG MUNCHERS. OMG, Y'ALL! - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (1)

657 W. Saint Mary's Road near Interstate 10 and W. Saint Mary's Road

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*** ECOGRO, for the Art of Growing. Ooowee! WE HAVE CARNIVOROUS PLANTS and ISOPODS! Really nice specimens, including some flowering ones. You need our Air Plants! So many just in from the greenhouses. AIR PLANT SALE 25% OFF marked plants. Check It Out!

Where are you, EcoGro?
... Southeast Corner of St. Mary's and Interstate 10.
657 W. St. Mary's Road, Tucson .... JUST EAST OF I-10! Like you were heading to Downtown or University of Arizona. 520-777-8307 777-8307
..... Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 to 5. Please visit.
..... Look for the "WEIRD PLANTS" and "ECOGRO" signs
...... OY! Truly a Cool Plant Showroom. Get that last minute gift: Choose a plant plus a pot, we pot it up (for free) and you are out the door!
..... Cash or Credit Cards.
..... We ship. Gift Certificates, too.

1. CARNIVOROUS PLANTS: OMG! EcoGro has so many really cool types with the best prices. Plus, we teach you to make them thrive. Want terrarium tips?
2. ISOPODS and SPRINGTAILS: So cool. Make a complete terrarium environment for your carnivorous plants. Maximus has all the answers.
3. AIRPLANTS: So, so many types and sizes. Undoubtedly the most types and cheapest prices in town, even without our sale!

*** WEIRD AND UNIQUE GIFTS, LIKE NO OTHER. Many already planted up and ready to go, all at incredible prices. But, we can create a unique plant gift on the spot just as you like! (Don't you need a gift for yourself, too?)

*** ECOGRO IS OPEN FOR YOUR PLANT DESIRES! It's a plant boutique and so much more. The best advice, too! Wednesday through Sunday, 10am to 5pm. 657 West Saint Mary's Road, Tucson, just East of Interstate 10. Look for the Weird Plants sign. Thank you for a wonderful year, Tucson. We can't wait for what's going to happen in 2024! Thank you for making EcoGro such a great place to shop and work in. We really appreciate you. Happy New Year, for realz!

*** Quick gifts and GIFT CARDS!

*** FREE CLASSES AT ECOGRO. Free classes at EcoGro EVERY SATURDAY AT NOON. No need to reserve spaces, just stop by. Here we go:
1. June 15th. The wonderful AIR PLANTS...Tillandsias are easy, really.
2. June 22nd. HOUSEPLANTS and how to make them thrive. (Bring yours in if worried.)
3. June 29th. CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. Growing, propagating and designing terrariums with them.
4. July 6th. SEED STARTING. What do you want to grow? Learn how!
5. July 13th. CANNABIS AUTOFLOWERS. From seed to harvest with Logan.
6. July 20th. RAINWATER HARVESTING. Learn the many ways with Charles.
7. July 27th. BOKASHI COMPOSTING. Raul teaches how to make it, use it and benefit from it.
8. August 3rd. THE SOIL KING. Patrick King teaches regenerative gardening practices.
9. August 10th. CANNABIS PHOTOPERIOD. Getting ready for flowering.
10. August 17th. FALL GARDEN PREPPING. Tony Sarah teaches about his Magic Mix line.
11. August 24th. CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. Growing, propagating and designing terrariums with them.
12. August 31st. TONY'S MAGIC MIX FERTILIZER. Using it and benefitting from it.

*** FIRST THING: We offer great and cool gifts. Weird and beautiful plants. Pots and free potting. Gift certificates. "Indoor Tomato" "420" seeds. Bunch-O-Sales. And, so very much more! In and out, so fast!

*** Remember, EcoGro is always closed on Mondays and Tuesdays! Please come and check out our new Air Plants: so many species ... and ... Eco even has giant Air Plants and Air Plants in huge ball-shapes! Biggest selection in Tucson

*** OMG! Isopods are here. Add to your terrariums!

*** OH, YEAH! New, a lot of, AIR PLANTS from the greenhouses. Largest selection in Tucson and, for sure, the lowest prices and most excellent growing advice from EcoGro. Come and see! Truly a "WALL-OF-AIR PLANTS".

NEW carnivorous plants. So many bug munchers! Everything you need for a self-sustaining terrarium. Isopods? Yes, we have isopods!

*** Are there Air Plants at EcoGro? You bet. The Air Plants range from small species (Tillandsia fuchii v. gracilis) to VERY LARGE plants (Tillandsia caput medusae x brachycaulos). Some are ready to bloom. The prices are outrageously low! Big plants and low prices ... the EcoGro way.
....... Forgot to tell you .... we teach you to care for your Air Plants.

*** AIR PLANTS starting at $1.50! 64% or more of Eco's AIR PLANTS are $5.00 or less. The other AIR PLANTS are still cheaper than anywhere else, for real. And healthy. All about EcoGro's AIR PLANTS, below.

*** OH, YEAH! New AIR PLANTS! So many are flowering right now.

New deliveries always coming in. Most locally grown. NEW CARNIVOROUS PLANTS and ISOPODS just in. Check out these locally grown plants. SUPER SPECIAL: Drosera binata (Sun Dews) from Australia, in large foot-across pots with many larger plants to behold, and smaller 3 inch pots. Akai Ryu Red Dragon Venus Fly Traps. Just Beautiful definitive Venus Fly Traps. Drosera capensis, Drosera hercules. Wait until you see what Eco has. So very cool.
... Oh, yes! We have Dionaea muscipula, or the Venus Flytrap! The original "Bug Muncher". Pitcher plants are also available.
... Check out the Sundews growing on rocks. So natural looking.
... EcoGro is the home of creating terrariums, with all of our cool plants and bugs.
*** WAIT. WAIT. WAIT! We are here for you. Did you know that the Sun Dews we have are pretty easy to propagate, you know, new growing from seeds. We are here for you from seeds and cuttings. Are you serious? You really need to come and visit. So much online is pretty weird. We really know how to propagate. Really!

ECO GRO, weird plants for weird people. C'mon, you know you are. Carnivorous plants will be discussed below.

BUG MUNCHERS and terrariums: Before we talk about Unique and Unusual EcoGro plants, let's talk about Carnivorous Plants, the Droseras, or Sun Dews and more. Our Sundews are locally grown! These Bug Munchers have mucilaginous glands covering their leaf surfaces. OK. Their leaves are sticky and catch bugs, wrap them in their leaves, then they digest them. One is eating a moth right now. The Red Droseras are home grown in Tucson. Don't forget about the Pitcher Plants. And, who can forget the Venus Fly Traps? We have them. Plus, all of the carnivorous plants, isopods, mosses ... put together a cool terrarium. We offer guidance.

Here's a fun list, of which, most are locally grown:
1. Drosera binata var. multifida
2. Drosera filiformis var. floridana
3. Dorsera capensis red
4. Drosera capensis narrow leaf
5. Drosera capensis Alba
6. Drosera x Marston's dragon
7. Byblis quehoi
8. Rhaphidophora
9. Nepenthes pitcher plant
10. Sarracenia rubra pitcher plant
11. Many home grown bug munchers...

*** EcoGro is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 to 5. 657 W. Saint Mary's Road, Tucson AZ 85701 (Can't say it enough, but we are EAST of the Interstate, FIRST place on your right. Did you know that 6th Street heading WEST turns into Saint Mary's at Grande/Main, just before the Interstate? We are the last place on the LEFT before the Interstate!)

*** AIR PLANTS: What a cool, inexpensive gift! New shipment of locally grown Tillandsias and a lot of new ones from our California grower. When I say a lot, I mean it. I had to count them and separate then into species and variants!

*** THE TRUTH about EcoGro's Air Plants (I know this is a repeat, but I love saying it): A customer was very excited about our Air Plant selection and prices ... and how healthy they were. She had gone to two other stores carrying Tillandsias, air plants (there aren't many) and found expensive, dying plants. Plus, the employees knew nothing about the Air Plants. Well, we know all about them including how to grow them. (Notice that I said "grow" them? Make them thrive!) I mean, you'll save a lot of money coming to EcoGro.

ECOGRO ... where the heck is your store? 657 W. Saint Mary's Road, Tucson. I want an AIR PLANT NOW! NO! I want a SUNDEW NOW! Maybe a VENUS FLY TRAP. No, I want a PITCHER PLANT.

*** WEIRD AND UNIQUE GIFTS, LIKE NO OTHER. Many already planted up and ready to go, all at incredible prices. But, we can create a unique plant gift on the spot just as you like! (Don't you need a gift for yourself, too?)

*** SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S ALERT: "TILLANDSCAPES" (Tillandsias + Landscapes) are dreamy Air Plants mounted on aged wood and cholla skeletons to form incredible presentations. So beautiful! A real FAIRY GARDEN!

*** ADVICE FOR CHOOSING AIR PLANTS. We separate the species into different containers. Look at the Air Plants you want and search for ones that have babies or offsets. That's like getting a free plant with offsets. Check the last picture to see the baby offsets. Know your plants!

Tillandsia is a group (genus) of around 540 types (species) of evergreen, perennial flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America, the southern United States and the West Indies. Thanks, Widipedia.

(Bromeliads are quite neat and have great flowers. Did you know that Pineapples are Bromeliads, too. Ask us how to grow your own Pineapple plant...easy!)

Tillandsia species are epiphytes (also called aerophytes or air plants) -- i.e. they normally grow without soil while attached to other plants, trees, rocks, telephone wires, etc. Epiphytes are not parasitic, which depend on a host for support.
............ Thank you, Wikipedia, again! And Thank You for bearing with us.

Pitcher Plants use a passive method in catching their prey. Their tube like leaves form pitchers that hold water and digestive fluids. What about Venus Fly Traps? The highly evolved plant uses a mechanical action to catch its prey. The traps produces a reddish color inside the leaf, and secretes a scent that attracts insects. Inside the traps are trigger hairs. To close a trap, these trigger hairs need to be touched twice. DROSERAS are Sun Dews and have sticky leaves that trap prey. We sell several types of Sun Dews. All ... are ... so ... cool!

ANY QUESTIONS OR THOUGHTS? Call us and leave a message. We will get back ASAP to take care of you. (520-777-8307)

Dear Friends, we are so grateful to know you and help you. Thank you for coming by. You make a great difference to us and our employees and our families.

WHY DOES YELP GIVE US 5 STARS? Come and say hello and see what EcoGro is like. (Welcome back to our regulars who are checking out the new stuff.) ANSWER: Service, selection and low prices! YELP SAYS ECO GRO LLC IS THE BEST PLANT NURSERY IN TUCSON! For sure. Check the ratings.

*** We want to make your shopping more fun and cheaper!

*** EcoGro has carnivorous plants, too! Some cool pics.

TILLANDSIAS: SO PERFECT for Homes, Offices and that spot you're not sure about. Just ask! (Oh, yes. The name for Air Plants. They're Epiphytes. )

*** If you know about "Air Plants" you are gonna drool over the selection and prices. If these are new to you, you will be amazed! Check them out! New "Tilly Sticks" are raised "plant holders" that look cool with your Air Plants, too! See the photos. "Tilly Bones" are Air Plants glued on Cholla skeletons ("Bones", get it?)

..... WHOLESALE IS AVAILABLE FOR RETAILERS. But, here, we're talking about you and beautiful Air Plants for your home. We have the coolest Air Plants. Please check them out.

1. Super Weird Succulents and Cactus (free repotting when you buy a pot. *3+ gals might incur a small soil fee)
2. Air Plants (lowest prices, best selection in Arizona)
3. Carnivorous Plants (best selection, cheap!)
4. Aquaponics: Fish + Plants = Food!
5. Pottery, incredible and inexpensive. (TALAVERA, TOO!)
6. Plant pots of all types. Even have work by local potters.
7. Lights and nutrients and tents and trays and more for your ganga, MON.

......... Very cool THINGS at EcoGro, with FREE PARKING and Crazy, Rare and Unique PLANTS and ITEMS.

*** I am so excited to tell you about our large collection! Don't worry, we'll show you how easy they are to grow. New Selection of Tillandsias, you know, AIR PLANTS! Please come by and see them! The Weird Plant Guys are always bringing you unusual, rare and Weird plants!

*** MAGNIFICENT AIR PLANTS for you. I am going to say it again. NO OTHER STORE in Tucson has the Air Plant selection we have at EcoGro. This is the truth. No one has the variety or the BIG SIZES (I mean Big specimens) that we do. Look at the pictures. BEST OF ALL, our prices are THE LOWEST IN ARIZONA. For sure. (Not joking. No BS.) And, we teach you how to make them thrive 'cause we know how.

*** THANK YOU, TUCSON. You all have been buying so many Air Plants we have to restock entirely several times a week! Our selection is huge, our prices are the lowest and we teach you how to care for these wonderful plants!

Time for Gifts! We make it easy, so easy. Beautiful things at incredible prices, for real. GIFT CARDS, TOO!

In and Out, that's the way at EcoGro. You come in, see what you want, we take care of it. Out you go

*** NEW AIR PLANTS always coming in! Every Air Plant purchase is a crazy good deal since our prices are already the lowest in the state! Heck, yes! (OK, I was told that I shouldn't say "We are the cheapest!" because the Air Plants are TOP QUALITY. We should say "We are the most INEXPENSIVE!" We are, too. Heck, we're the cheapest, I mean, the most inexpensive in the state!)

Some of the pictures show you the HUGE AMOUNTS AND VARIETIES we have for you. (Yes, the species do change but I am going to show you what we usually carry. So come and get some before we have to restock.)


***AIR PLANTS are weirdly exotic flowering plants closely related to the Pineapple plant, but they don't have to be "planted". You can hang them from string, put them on a shelf, glue them to a pretty piece of cholla skeleton or wood ... pretty much what you want. Mist them with water and soak once a week ... check out the pictures!

*** Yes, we are the best place for AIR PLANTS, but did you know that we sell CARNIVOROUS PLANTS? EcoGro makes sure you know how to care for these plants. You can do it!

AIR PLANT LOVERS, NO BETTER PLACE TO BUY! (Check out the pictures!) I know I keep saying that, but we are so excited to have more for you at great prices; the lowest in Arizona, for sure!
... In and Out, ready to go! Wholesale, too.

ECOGRO IS NUMBER 1 (#1) in AIR PLANTS. Shop elsewhere but don't buy anything until you get to EcoGro. We'll price match, but we do not have to since we are the cheapest! REPTILE SHOPS, why aren't you buying wholesale from us? (You'd do well in your shop and at the reptile shows.)

(NO, ECOGRO IS NOT A BIG STORE. But we have 4 large greenhouses and 3 shade houses offsite. What are you getting at, Eco? We have many, many plants but can only show you a certain amount at our store each day. We change the plants daily, bringing in fresh, weird plants. WHOLESALE is something we do because we have a huge inventory. Florists, party planners ... we do WHOLESALE and have the INVENTORY YOU WANT! Contact us for wholesale prices! 520-777-8307)

......... We are Local and most of our Plants are Locally Grown!

*** Did you know that Air Plants flower and clone themselves? Yep. Come see some very cool plants. (Plus, if you can even find them somewhere else, write down the prices and come see EcoGro. We WILL be cheaper and have more varieties.)

*** Please come and check out the Air Plant SPECIMENS! Air Plant veterans and newbies will be so excited. Start one yourself. We'll help...

*** LOTS OF NEW AIR PLANTS! How do you do it, EcoGro? Well, we have a bunch and need to sell them ... so why not sell them for less than anywhere else in Tucson? That's the EcoGro way!

*** REMEMBER: EcoGro, for the art of growing. WELL, REALLY CHECK OUT THESE LOW-COST SO COOL AIR PLANTS. Air Plants, even the name is interesting. They are interesting. So cute. So cool. So, I am going to teach you to grow more of them. ZOWIE! BEST PRICES. LOWEST COST.

AIR PLANTS are cool and beautiful. "Aerial Bromeliads". Let us show you how easy they are to grow. Check out our impressive Spanish Moss collection.


*** Air Plants are fascinating, beautiful and weird plants that are pretty easy to grow.
........ especially when EcoGro shows you how!

*** Some are LOCALLY GROWN. Support Local Businesses, EcoGro does.

*** IN AND OUT: easy to get to us, easy to choose plants or and out in a few minutes.
Inexpensive and Fast!

*** Destination Location...... Yep, we sure are. Check out our FUN place!

Family Friendly...great for adults and children! We spend the time teaching people about plants and AQUAPONICS..

Regular Hours are:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 to 5

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    AIR PLANTS AND BUG MUNCHERS. OMG, Y'ALL! - farm & garden - by dealer - sale - craigslist (2024)
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