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“Arthur, can you turn into a dragon?”

“Why are you suddenly asking that." Arthur laughed awkwardly, glancing at Gilgamesh that stared at him with a curious twinkle in her eyes. Gilgamesh hanging on his arm made him a little awkward all of a sudden, and now his bride asked him a question that made him want to fly to seventh heaven.

"When I was little, my mother told me a story," Gilgamesh adjusted her hand, now holding Arthur's fingers, and Arthur didn't miss the small smile that appeared on her lips when their intertwined fingers felt right. "that there is a dragon that is still alive today. I'm just curious, because rumors are circulating on the streets that you are half dragon—"

"Essentially you're asking why I'm half dragon." Arthur confirmed and Gilgamesh responded with a firm nod.

Arthur looked up at the starry sky above him, then began. "When I was still in my mother's womb, she suffered from a serious illness. A legendary healer came to examine her, and said that my mother's pregnancy was tied to a cursed seal in the stomach of a dragon. So my father sought out the dragon and killed it, breaking the curse. Its heart was used as medicine to cure my mother, and I was born with dragon scales all over my body."

"What—how is there a curse seal in the dragon's stomach, and how did you guys remove the scales from your body?" Gilgamesh was truly at the peak of her curiosity.

"They washed my body with honey water and herbs, and all the scales disappeared when I was three years old," Arthur closed his eyes. "and... I never got the full story about how the curse relates to me. Merlin told it all, because my father died suddenly of heart attack and my mother died long before that." The answer apparently made Gilgamesh a little surprised and showed a very visible face of pity. She rubbed her thumb over the back of Arthur's hand as if trying to calm him.

"That's all in the past, Princess." Arthur laughed when he saw Gilgamesh pursing her lips, caught out for having completely useless sympathy.

"Then, what are the consequences of your father killing the dragon? The dragon must be furious, right—"

"There is—" Arthur suddenly stopped speaking, then stared deeply at Gilgamesh. "—but don't we have to immediately go to your father to tell him about the dowry?"

Gilgamesh realized that Arthur wanted to avoid the topic. Yes, she could see it.

"You're right," the girl gave a smile that stunned Arthur. "He would be happy to have a son-in-law as good as you, King Arthur."

Arthur put a lock of hair behind Gilgamesh's ear, stroking her face. "You should smile more often, my Queen. You look beautiful when you smile."

Gilgamesh blushed to the tips of her ears, moving away from Arthur and hiding her face behind her bangs. Arthur let her, smiling slightly throughout their journey to the Ziggurat, letting the comfortable silence embrace them for a while.


King Lugalbanda is assembling the final pile of clay tablets as a last work he would do tonight, when Arthur enters the throne room along with Gilgamesh.

"Your Majesty," Arthur bowed respectfully while Gilgamesh just stared his movements.

Lugalbanda turned his head, then smiled at the sight of the two. "It's already late. What are two young people doing at this time of night?"

"Nothing," Arthur smiled faintly. "I just wanted to inform you that my dowry carriages has just arrived, Your Majesty."

Lugalbanda looked interested. He had his servant put away the last tablet before rising from his throne and following Arthur out of the Ziggurat.

The King looked surprised to see horse-drawn carriages lined up in his yard, filled with jewelry and various types of cloth, food, sweets—all from Camelot.

"I-isn't this too much, King Arthur?"

Queen Ninsun came out of the Ziggurat upon hearing the commotion, immediately stunned.

"For Gilgamesh, all of this is absolutely nothing," Arthur smiled slightly. His hand touched Gilgamesh's hand who was standing next to him, intertwining their fingers.

Gilgamesh looked away to the ground, but Arthur could see her ears turning red.

The commotion provoked other royal members to come out and see. They were all stunned. This is the most expensive proposal they have ever received!

Geshtinanna watched from atop the Ziggurat, pursed her lips in annoyance.

"Gilgamesh will die. I will make sure of it."

"I am speechless..." King Lugalbanda approached Arthur, bowing respectfully to him. But those eyes full of worry and slight disapproval were still there.

"How about it, Gilgamesh? Do you want to accept it?"

Gilgamesh's face was very red with embarrassment. "I-I..."

Her hand in Arthur's grasp was so warm.

"...I accept..."

Several people applauded, and the sound became even more lively in the late night. Queen Ninsun cupped her daughter's face with both hands, kissing her cheek.

"I will announce the marriage tomorrow morning," King Lugalbanda still looked disingenuous, but Arthur knew the man was trying to accept reality.

King Lugalbanda instructed Agravain and Gareth to rest, ordering his guards to take turns guarding the carriages full of treasure.

Everyone dispersed and returned to their respective resting places.

Gilgamesh realized that Arthur was still holding her hand - the man lifted their intertwined hands and kissed it.

"Should we rest now...?"


Gilgamesh's bed was wider than his bed at the inn, of course.

He pinned Gilgamesh's small body beneath him, struggling with the sheets at their feet. His lips kept claiming Gilgamesh's which tasted like sweet berries.

His right hand held Gilgamesh's hands above her head, while his left hand was busy untying Gilgamesh's clothes.

"Arthur...!" Gilgamesh was out of breath, gulping in as much air as she could when Arthur bit her lips again. Arthur really—!!!

Arthur's kisses moved to her nose, then her cheeks, and down her neck, working on love bites on it. Gilgamesh hummed, then let out a small moan when Arthur bit her.

Arthur's hands were all over her body, squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. Gilgamesh moaned in pleasure, she let out a squeak when Arthur bite one of her nipples, playing it with his tongue. Her hand quickly grabbed Arthur's hair, directing him to a sensitive part which made her moan even louder.

Arthur's bites were spread all over her body — neck, hands, stomach... Arthur had even torn her dress and was now biting the inside of her thigh.

She felt dizzy, lost in the pleasure Arthur was giving her. Her breath was ragged, Arthur didn't give her a chance to just catch a breath.

"You— ahn!!!"

Gilgamesh gripped the sheets beneath her, squirming. She glanced at Arthur who was licking his lips as if he had just eaten a delicious meal. Arthur leaned down again and kiss her lips, and when he pulled away a thread of saliva connected their mouths.

The King of Camelot then took off his shirt, threw it to the side before positioning himself between Gilgamesh's legs who immediately looked away with her face as red as a tomato.

"Beg me."

"Wha—!" Gilgamesh turned her head in annoyance. "You'll never hear me beg!! Never!"

But the bulge in Arthur's pants teased her entrance, rubbing gently, making Gilgamesh clenched in desperate.

“Come on. Beg me.”

“Bastard–!!” Gilgamesh could hear her own heartbeat reaching her ears. Arthur’s face was so close, smiling mockingly at her triumphantly.

What an unlucky—

"P-Please..." One hand covered her mouth, embarrassed. She wanted to feel it go in, torture her; split her hole open...

"Be a good girl and I'll give you what you need."

"Mongrel!" Gilgamesh roared, not at all remembering she had never been in this kind of situation. She closed her eyes in utter embarassment, biting her lower lip hard.


No, it’s definitely not her voice!

Arthur kissed her once more before undoing his pants, freeing his length and put it on Gilgamesh's stomach. He smirks seeing Gilgamesh's face stared at it in horror.

Gilgamesh was shocked to see the thing—it was so long and so big… glistening with the pre-cum that coated it.

"A-Arthur..." She squeaked, her eyes still wide with shock. " won't fit..."

"I will make it fit." Gilgamesh's heart dropped when Arthur's voice sounded very deep, the aura he gave off was different from usual—

"...if I knot you up— you will be all mine."

"You want your Gilgamesh right? Then claim her before the gods do—"

Even Arthur didn't give her any preparation or instructions when pushing his length into Gilgamesh's tight hole.

Gilgamesh cried out in pain, shocked when the huge object cut her deep inside. She cried out again not caring who heard her anymore– when Arthur moved, pushing deeper into her.

The man kissed her once more, more forcefully and brutally, pressing his entire weight onto Gilgamesh's small body.

"Fascinating," Arthur was breathless, yet he let out a smirks that scared Gilgamesh more. "It's so tight, it feels like it sucks me in."


The first thrust he gives was merciless — Gilgamesh clinging to his shoulder, crying while moaning desperately. She never have this kind of sex before, this is her first time and she doing it with a half-dragon!

"What a pretty mess..." Arthur give her a peck before working on some new bites at her neck and shoulder. His mouth went lower, biting again one of her nipples, playing them between his tongue and fangs.

Gilgamesh's grip on the sheet beneath her tightened—she was sure it would tear the next day. She closed her eyes, enjoying every thrust Arthur gave. Her moans of pleasure grew louder, until perhaps the servants outside her walls heard them.

That's when she felt it— something hot stirred in her lower stomach.

"Ah... Arthur!!"

She clawed at Arthur's back, marking the man's back, shoulders and arms with the scratches of her nails.

She came quickly, and when she did, Arthur kissed her deeply again, not letting her take even a shred of air to breathe.

She thought this would be over, but she realized that Arthur hadn't come at all! Arthur pumped her body again with more violent movements, making her come again two times...? Three...? Before finally, the man let out a low growl, and Gilgamesh felt some warm liquid filling her belly.

The sensation made her come again, kissing Arthur as she did so, while Arthur wrapped his arms around her body.

Arthur came inside her for a long time, until Gilgamesh could see her stomach bulging from the cum that Arthur had put into her womb.

When he was finally finished, he flopped down on top of Gilgamesh, careful not to crush on her. He didn't take his length out of Gilgamesh's hole, instead he buried it more deeper so that his cum wouldn't leak out.

He kissed Gilgamesh's face gently, which was red and hot. Gilgamesh's hand reached his hair, slowly stroking it.

"Want to continue for two or three rounds?"

"What..." Gilgamesh sounded like she wanted to get mad, but she was very tired and fell asleep after that.

Arthur chuckled in amusem*nt, kissed Gilgamesh before repositioning himself between his bride's legs again, started thrusting in on Gilgamesh's sleeping body.


Geshtinanna entered the door of the dark shrine room followed by two of her servants. The small oil lamps made the room look dimly lit.

She saw Siduri—Gilgamesh's friend—in the crowd of priestesses, but her steps steadily approached the altar, where a priestess was praying with both hands raised and muttering words to the gods.

"Tell me. What creature could kill Gilgamesh's immortality with just an attack?"

The priestess who was praying turned quickly—too quickly—then bowed respectfully before Geshtinanna.

Geshtinanna took out something from her silk pouch. "Five lapiz lazuli. I gave them to decorate your dilapidated temple."

The priestesses refused to look at Geshtinanna, much to the princess' annoyance.

Someone from the corner of the altar whispered, but because the altar was too dark, Geshtinanna couldn't see who was about to speaking. "Marrying a human will make her immortality disappear."

"Really? Then, whoever — whatever — comes to pick her up the day after tomorrow can kill her?" Geshtinanna said with a reluctant smile.

She placed the lapiz lazuli stone on the altar, before turning around and leaving.

"If Gilgamesh dies, I can have the King of Camelot for myself—"

She was about to leave when Siduri suddenly stood in front of her. Geshtinanna scrunched up her nose, staring at Siduri’s face who looked displeased behind her veil.

“Is something wrong, Siduri?”

Siduri narrowed her eyes. “Forgive my rudeness, Princess. But if I were you, I wouldn’t expect anything from stolen abilities.”


Siduri had expected the slap, felt a stinging heat on her cheek. But she still maintained her sharp gaze at the person in front of her.

“You lowly creature–” The Princess snarls. “I will make you pay for what you said to me!”

With that she walks past Siduri, returned to the Ziggurat then jumped when she heard Gilgamesh's loudest moan, which even heard until the Ziggurat courtyard!

"...what's that?" Some of the guards looked embarrassed, even some of the servants seemed to pretend not to hear the sound.


Geshtinanna gritted her teeth.

"My stupid little sister," Geshtinanna smirks. "Good luck facing your death."

The princess took the hallway around, but the entire hallway was filled with Gilgamesh's screams of pleasure who didn't even try to lower her voice.

She passed her mother who seemed also shocked to hear the voices at this time of night.

"Oh my..." Queen Ninsun covered her mouth with one hand. "...what a pleasure—"

Geshtinanna rolled her eyes. "Can anyone tell them to shut up?! They're disturbing my rest time."

"But they had fun," Queen Ninsun even clapped her hands. "if only I could see it—"



Gilgamesh woke up with a sticky sensation between her legs and her full belly. She opened the blanket, not surprised to find herself naked under the blanket, but did not find any traces of cum leaking from her hole.

Arthur was nowhere to be found in every corner of the room.

What was that man thinking?! Does he think this lovemaking is just a one night stand?!

She tried to move her body, but immediately stopped. WHAT THE f*ck IS THIS PAINFUL THING— I CAN'T MOVE!

She groaned in annoyance, tried to get up from her bed but fell back onto her back.


"I know you were still here." Someone's voice made Gilgamesh turn towards the door of her room, and saw Enkidu walking towards her carrying a tray containing breakfast.

"I can't f*cking move." Gilgamesh hissed.

"I see. What a fun night." Enkidu actually smiled broadly, which made Gilgamesh want to throw a pillow at her friend. "At least have breakfast first. I was kind enough to bring it."

Enkidu placed the tray in Gilgamesh's lap who immediately devoured it. For some reason, she felt really hungry!

Enkidu watched her eat with enthusiasm. "You know, almost the whole kingdom heard it."

"Heard what...?" Gilgamesh is actually not that interested in this Enkidu's topic.

"The sound of your pleasure moans last night..."

She spat out the bread that was in her mouth.

"Well, I passed by some of the guards and they were talking about it. So were the servants. Oh! That's even the topic Queen Ninsun discussed in the throne room this morning—"

"I-It's all Arthur's fault, you know! I-I—!!"

Her face was very red from embarrassment.

sh*t, I have no more pride in front of people—

Gilgamesh shouted in frustration, pulling at her messy hair.

Enkidu looked at her innocently. "What is it?"

"Y-youuuu!!!" Gilgamesh is increasingly frustrated. "I'm so embarrassed, you know!!"

"what's wrong with that—"

Gilgamesh covered her face with a pillow, puffing out her cheeks in annoyance.

"—you enjoyed it, so what's wrong with that?"

"That's so wrong—"

"King Arthur looks like he's enjoying it too—"


Enkidu chuckled in amusem*nt. "You're very difficult for me to guess, Gil."

Gilgamesh grumbled into her pillow.

"King Arthur has returned to his inn if you ask where he is," Enkidu said without being asked. Siduri met him in the hall. He looked fresher than usual. Looks like he got a good rest last night."

Gilgamesh actually threw her pillow at Enkidu this time — who caught it deftly.

"You didn't help at all—"

"Actually, I'm here to help. Queen Ninsun told me to prepare milk water and herbs for you to bathe in so your body can relax."

Gilgamesh pursed her lips. "Don't you see the bite marks on my body?"

"It adds motifs to your skin. Something nice—shouldn't I prepare your bath?" Enkidu hastily added when seeing Gilgamesh reach for her other pillow.

With Enkidu gone to her bathroom, Gilgamesh fell back on her bed after putting away her tray. She was in no mood to continue her breakfast.

It was unfortunate, but the news spread quickly throughout Uruk.


"I didn't even know they gain immortality," Gawain commented between chewing his bread. "they are something interesting. Hard to predict."

"Immortality is achieved because they are direct descendants of a Goddess," Agravain added. "I heard the legend. The immortality will be lost if they marry humans."

"Then congratulations Arthur, you get one point." Artoria commented, glancing at her brother who was sitting on a pile of bricks looking out the window.

Gawain smirks. "He just had a great night, didn't he?"

"Shut up, Gawain. He is our King after all."

"Come on, Arthur, don't you want to share your experiences?"

Arthur looked outside at the residents going about their busy day preparing for the wedding of one of their princess.

He watched them enthusiastically—children running around and women cooking together in a large clay oven. Men decorate the streets with fresh flowers.

Until his eyes fell on a figure walking limply towards his inn.

Arthur stood up too quickly until his head hit the window frame.


Gawain, Artoria, and Agravain jumped in surprise when they heard Gilgamesh's shout from outside, even Gareth immediately woke up from his comfortable sleep.

"Good morning, princess," Arthur bowed respectfully, looking at Gilgamesh who was now standing in front of him. "Do you sleep well?"

Gilgamesh groaned in annoyance. She sounded like an angry lioness.

Behind her, Siduri ran hurriedly while carrying something in her hand.

"What is this delicious aroma—" Artoria looked at Siduri and was shocked to see the woman carrying freshly baked butter cake!!

"Queen Ninsun asked me to send this to you—"

"—I see, convey my thank you to Queen Ninsun." Arthur smiled, and Artoria immediately took over the butter cake.

Siduri smiled back, before then glancing at Gilgamesh who was still angry. "Uhm..."

"Look what you've done to my body!!!"

Arthur really was—staring enthusiastically from head to toe at Gilgamesh. Her slender body was clad in a thin white dress with a red shawl sewn around her hips, hanging down to the ground. Several bracelets and rings adorned her hands, three chain necklaces with ruby ornaments hung gracefully around her neck.

"I didn't see anything wrong—"

"Take a good look!"

Gawain coughed and Artoria hit him.

Arthur had to admit, the bite marks were still clearly visible, spread all over Gilgamesh's arms and even the skin of Gilgamesh's thighs which was visible between the rips of her dress.

"You—" Gilgamesh was about to vent all her annoyance, when—

"—I think you are always beautiful all the time," Arthur looked at Gilgamesh deeply, making the princess fall silent for a moment. "No matter how messy your appearance is, I think you are still very beautiful in my eyes. I don't care about anything else if you are my only beautiful jewel."

Silence, before—


She slaps him!

"My King!" Gawain gasped and Artoria rose from her chair, but Arthur raised his hand.

They saw Gilgamesh's face flush with embarrassment and tried not to look at Arthur.


Ah. How could a lady not falling for such sweet words?

"This may be too fast, Princess," Arthur grabbed Gilgamesh's hand, who immediately panicked and became embarrassed. “But I want to get to know you better after the night we had. I will probably be your husband, and you will be my queen. Even though our marriage is based on an arranged marriage between the two kingdoms, don't see me as someone you have to impress for the sake of your kingdom. I want to— walk into love together with you. I want to wake up seeing you beside me. Forever is a long time, you may get bored of me, but I won't let you leave me."

Gilgamesh was stunned, speechless. Her face felt hotter and redder, but Arthur's grip on her hand was so real.

"If you are afraid because you are no longer immortal, I will protect you with all my soul, body and heart," Arthur kissed her knuckles. "I will never, ever leave you alone—"

Bride of Babylon - Chapter 5 - juuichigatsu11 (2024)


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