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  • 1 Apparel Points
  • 2 Ammo Schematic points
  • 3 Ammo Schematic points

Crafting Schematics used to be items you had to find in open world in specific locations. After an upgrade, you gain relevant schematic points when crafting items, and schematic points are used to unlock more items in tree.

For example, when crafting ammo, you get ammo schematic points, when crafting equipment like medkits, you get equipment schematic points, etc.

Still, open world locations were updated to have items which you can pick up to gain one schematic point. Those are not very impactful, but are placed on this page to preserve knowledge.

Keep in mind: some locations may be slightly altered - for example, old 12 birdshot schematics used to be in haunted campground outhouse, but pickup point is on one of nearby tables

Apparel Points[]

-2350.754, 1384.945[Farmlands Region] Överbyslätten area. Run West towards Sandbo Farm (bottom of the olive green area meets with the golden yellow area). The schematic sits on a table outside the upstairs porch of a light grey house.
3579.4, 2335.4-
-5087.5, 4579.2-
-5337.5, 720.4-
-1375.2, -4978.7-
2673.6, -1257.4-
-360.3, 926.4-
-2952.6, 1269.7-
-1539.7, -3164.4-
1915.6, 4664.5-
954.4, -2575.5-
1511.3, 3793.6-
-3952.5, -621.5-
1606.5, -3353.9-
-3661.4, 2725.9-
987, -965in Green building (requires lock-picking)
-98.3, 3114.7-
1027.2, 384.6-
627, -4325Red house top floor
-2910, -3707.8-
1436.2, -573.7-
595, -507Indoors on table.
-2714.850, 3639.210[South Coast Region] Smabatshanen - right of the Smatathamnen Data Center (FNIX outpost), near the ferry pier, the schematic sits on a green bench next to dead soldier.
1338, -235-
-2587, -376.2-
647.5, -2635.8-
-520.4, 1623.7-
-5478.6, 4482-
-2213.7, -1193-
-1944.9, -2219.2-
-1056.8, -411.2-
-3720.6, 3642-
1851.8, -3944.9-
-2432.8, -4196.9-
-422.1, -3091.7-
-2343.3, 2160.4-
1121, -1780-
-2916.6, -2016.6-
987.3, -964.2-
-1312.7, -1627.5-
1229.8, -4196.5-
-4734.5, 337.1-
2852.1, -2199.2-
-2419.7, -3213.2-
-4825.7, 1792.4-
-1726.9, -545.9-

Ammo Schematic points[]

2733, 2521Stenhaga Farm, on grain bag next to recycle station.
7, -258Stralsund Farm, on ground in front of broken tank.
-3707.503, 2053.281[South Coast Region] Sävered area-Northeast of Ängsnäs Manor. Fast travel to Sävered Safehouse then run West up the hill. There are 6 white (path) rings to the left of the words Sävered on the map - run to the small middle round white ring and you'll find the schematic next to a corpse.
-4968.959, 1337.919[Mountains Region] Muskudden area - Björkvillan homestead. Schematic on the driver's seat of a red car inside a red garage next to a green storage building.
575, 375Green bunkhouse building NNW of beacon, on table.
-886, -3321Located in one of the red building second floor.
-125, 3575In the "haunted" camp ground. The Outhouse will open and it is beside the dead body there.
-2455.685, 3257.520South Coast Region; North of Annatorp Homestead - abandoned housing just above the bay of water. The schematic is on the driver's floor of military truck in front of dead soldiers and tee pee.
1742, -2633Located inside the burned container.
-410, 1118Camp south of Överby AirBase safehouse. On bench, next to tent.
444, -4041Located on second floor on top of white cabinet.
-1124, 405Located at kitchen counter top.
1376, -3740Located at "T" intersection, in upside-down burning car.
-3779, 4126Tokeröd Data Center, in barn behind FNIX power generators, on grain bag.
-4040.422, 223.493[Mountains Region] West of Kilslagen, North of Muskudden, South of Klinte. Schematic closest to Military Compound - Commandant Villa on a small green table next to the sofa of a yellow house.
-1483, 2108Sannum Sörgård, in main house, on living room coffee table.
2453, -1497Lerberget, yellow house, second floor, on the round table in the corner.
-170, -1841At two red cottages across from house. On picnic bench.
-2501, 993Beredskapsförråd 109 bunker, in bathroom, on toilet seat.
-2778, -2703Located inside burned container
221, -3376From Spawn Room in Hermelinen Bunker:


Right and Down both stairs,

Follow the corridor,

Right and through the red door,

Follow corridor and go Right,

Again follow and go Right,

In living Quarters,

Left and down the stairs,

Right then Left through the left door, at the back on a table.

2123, 58Fixed.It's now right outside the entrance. on a white cardboard.
2639.224, -2302.371Reward from the repeatable Home Base Defense.
2191, -3603Requires "Lockpicking" skill to access.
-2192, -4395Located inside locked room of the building.

Turn building power back on via the breaker box outside next to the generator. Once power is on, head to the shed and hack the computer. Once the computer is hacked, the security door will allow you to unlock it.

Ammo Schematic points[]

1186, 3365Seggesta Farm house, 2F bathroom, on bench in front of toilet.
-2689, -726Beredskapsförråd 104 Bunker, located at the passenger side floor of left side military truck
-749, -4449Located on second floor kids bedroom on top of white cabinet.

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Crafting/Schematics/World Locations (2024)


Where can I find schematics for 7 days? ›

Schematics and Recipes are consumable items that can be found as loot, commonly in bookcases or purchased from Traders.

How do you craft schematics in Save the World? ›

Schematics can be only obtained through the Event Store, Llama Pinatas and Quest Rewards. Schematics can also be configured to a player's liking and a player can have more than one schematic of a specific item. Schematics are the only source through which players can craft weapons.

What is a schematic? ›

The word “schematic” means a plan, outline, or model. So a schematic diagram is a graphical representation of a plan or a model that is presented in a simple, accessible way. Schematics use simple lines and symbols to communicate information such as what, how, and where.

How to use schematics in Palworld? ›

Using Schematics in Palworld is different from other games. You can't learn the recipe directly. Simply have the Schematics in your inventory and go to a crafting bench. Once you open the crafting bench, the recipe will appear, and you can craft it.

How do you get legendary schematics? ›

Legendary schematics can be found in chests or as rare drops from specific Alpha Pal bosses. There is a low chance that you'll find a legendary schematic when you open a chest around the map or at the end of a dungeon.

How do you spawn items in 7 days? ›

With the command console open, you can give your character in 7 Days to Die the desired item by using the giveself command along with their item ids. For example, if you want the Bone Knife, you must input the following command: giveself meleeBoneShiv.

How to get legendary schematics in stw? ›

You can also find legendary schematics in treasure chests – randomly on the world map or at the end of dungeons. The best way to get all of the Palworld legendary schematics, though, is to pick them up as item drops from the Field Alpha Pal Bosses.

How do you get mythic schematics in STW? ›

Mythic Schematic Cache is a Mythic Resource in Save the World that can be obtained after defeating the Mythic Storm King. It contains one of the Schematics from the Storm King Weapon Set.

Is Shadowshard or Obsidian better? ›

Obsidian if you're using your weapon for fodder killing; Shadowshard if you're using your weapon for tank killing. Damage per Second: Weapons with superior fire rate benefit more from Shadowshard Crystals. The effectiveness of Shadowsharding a weapon is dependent on your loadout.

What is a schematic tattoo? ›

Schematic tattoos are designs that represent a simplified or abstract interpretation of an object or concept. These tattoos often emphasize the core elements or essential features of the subject matter. Schematic tattoos can symbolize simplicity, minimalism, or a focus on the fundamental aspects of life.

What are the three types of schematics? ›

Types of Electrical Diagrams or Schematics

They are wiring, schematic, and pictorial diagrams.

What does schematic mean for kids? ›

Kids Definition

schematic. adjective. sche·​mat·​ic. ski-ˈmat-ik. : of, relating to, or forming a scheme, plan, or diagram : diagrammatic.

Can I sell schematics on Palworld? ›

So, for those who have a lot of copies of the same Schematic, sell the copies, as each one typically sells for between 500 and 1000 Gold.

What are schematics in Save the World? ›

Schematics are recipes allowing players to Craft Weapons and Traps from Materials (that are generally found by harvesting the many different things within the world). Schematics are "Extremely" important and can define your abilty to progress smoothly through the game.

Where to get electrical parts 7 days? ›

Electrical Parts can be found by left-clicking with a Wrench on Street Lights, Gas Stations, Sedans, Cash Registers, Air Conditioners, Stoves, and Refrigerators. If you don't have a wrench and need Electrical Parts, scrap unused Flashlight to get 3 of them.

How to find mechanical parts in 7 days? ›

Mechanical Parts can be harvested by Salvaging Air Conditioners, Gas Stations, Office Chairs, File Cabinets, Reinforced Drawbridges, Shopping Carts, Gas Pumps, Ovens, broken down vehicles such as Sedans, Safes, and Metal Doors. Only an appropriate salvaging tool such as a Wrench will yield Mechanical Parts.

Where to find auger 7 days? ›

Most often found in cities. Can be found inside Garage Storage boxes and Decayed Sedans Also can be found in Hardware Stores. Use with caution: the Auger makes a lot of noise and may alert zombies of your presence.

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