Dataset - (2024)

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From Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions 2010 From Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regions, 2014 From Regional vegetation communities for the Namoi Catchment Management Authority From Surat cumulative management area From Northern Territory Groundwater Management Units 20140630 From Queensland Regional Ecosystems From Budget 2015-16 and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) - Tables and Data From Gippsland land use Australian Collaborative Land Use Management, March 2010 From Budget 2014 -15 and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) - Tables and Data From Bioregional_Assessment_Programme_Catchment-scale Land Use Management (CLUM) From Plantation Forests Public Land Management(PLM25) DEPI GIP 201410 From SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) Water Manag... From Potential Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems for West Gippsland Catchment Manag... From Potential Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems for East Gippsland Catchment Manag... From Flood Extent 100 year extent West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority GI... From Galilee Recharge Cenozoic Alluvium Regions v01 From MBC Assessment unit codified by regional watertable From Illawarra Region BIO Map Corridors 20150430 From Victoria Regional CMA - Water Asset Information Tool - WAIT databases From 2016 SoE Biodiversity Overall expenditure on biodiversity management by the A...

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Dataset - (2024)
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